Breeding the Bullfinch







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Young Bullfinches bred 2010 in Goldcrest drive, aviary is 2mtrs x 2mtrs although i have bred this species  just as well in smaller aviaries and large flight cages.

Young Bullfinches cannot be sexed until they start to moult out when you will start to see the red breast of the males

The ring on the youngster is COM coloured BBC ring for 2010 COM rings allow birds to be shown in Europe as well as the UK being year coloured also helps identify birds ages quickly at a glance.

The 3 youngsters below were the first round, this pair is now on its 3rd round and rearing well.

Twite X Bullfinch Pair, this cross has not been achieved yet here's hoping

Linnet x Bullfinch Pair, this pair produced youngsters in 2007

Young Linnet Bullfinch, at 20 days old of pair above reared by a Greenfinch hen
Linnet x Bullfinch, at 15 Days old

Bottom Right: same bird at 14 weeks old half way through the moult

Bottom Left: Same bird fully moulted at 4 months old this bird is a Hen.

Left: Bullfinch Hens




Left: Pictures of a Greenfinch X Bullfinch