HALF MALE, HALF FEMALE BULLFINCH           (My thanks go to June Edwards for all her hard work swapping these pictures from video to stills and many more pictures on this site)                                       Believe it or believe it not, these 3 photos one on the left & two on the Right were taken by me at the world show in Zutphen, Holland in 1998 with my video camera.  These are the best quality stills I was able to achieve. All three pictures are of the same bird, the left picture clearly shows the colour of both male and female, the right pictures shows the bird to be a female, and the bottom picture clearly shows it as a male, although this bird is not a mutation I felt it would create quite an interest. Half-siders, Quarter-siders and gynophores seem to be most common in budgerigars, this is the first I have ever seen in European Birds. This bullfinch makes the perfect subject, as both sexes are different colours.
BROWN BULLFINCH photo Bertrand Stengs (Germany)

Note beak colour