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2.    THE OBJECTS of the Society are to promote and foster the keeping, breeding, rearing, exhibiting and study of Native and European species of birds, and their
hybrids in cage and aviary.

3.    MEMBERSHIP is open to all interested in the objects of the society. All members are deemed to have notice of, and agree to comply with, the Club Rules of the National British Bird and Mule Club. The committee have the power to expel any member or refuse membership at any time without assigning any reason. Partnerships - Any two or more people keeping, breeding or exhibiting together shall constitute a partnership, and must pay the full partnership subscriptions.

4.    SUBSCRIPTIONS to the society shall be fixed annually at the AGM. Subscriptions shall fall due on the date of the All British Show. A subscription paid within the period of 28 days prior to the show will count as having been paid on the date of the show and qualify the subscriber for membership until the date of the next year's show.

   5.    ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE. Only those members having paid the subscription at least 14 days prior to the AGM              will be entitled to vote at the AGM. The same rule will apply to any EGM.

6.    ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. The Society will be run mainly by correspondence, but the Chairman and Secretary shall call a meeting of the committee whenever and wherever they deem necessary or advisable, giving each Committee member at least fourteen days notice.

7.   MEETINGS. The Chairman and Secretary shall convene the Annual General Meeting to be held at a place and time to be published in 'Cage and Aviary Birds' at least one month beforehand. Notice of any question which members wish to raise, or propositions to be put before the meeting, must be sent to the Secretary in writing at least fourteen days before the time of the meeting. Propositions must also be seconded by another member. The Secretary is required to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time that the Committee, by a majority decision, deem this to be necessary, or if a request in writing and signed by six members giving the reason, is received by him. At least one month's notice of an E.G.M. shall be published in 'Cage and Aviary Birds' stating the matters to be discussed.

   8.   RULING ON EGM. The committee shall have absolute discretion to rule on the validity or otherwise of any             request for an EGM where the committee deem that the stated reasons for the EGM request are wholly or in             part a repeat of the reasons given for an EGM called for and concluded within the previous 3 years.

9.   THE OFFICERS of the Society shall consist of:

      PRESIDENT: who shall hold office for one year.


      for services rendered to the Society or Fancy.


      CHAIRMAN: who shall take charge of all meetings and have general overall

      responsibility for the running of the society.


      VICE-CHAIRMAN: who shall take over at any time the Chairman is unable to

      discharge his duties.


      HON. SECRETARY: Whose duties shall be to convene and organise, to keep the

      Minutes and deal with correspondence.


      HON. ASSISTANT SECRETARY: or Hon. Show Secretary (if deemed necessary)

      whose duties shall be to generally assist the Hon. Secretary and run shows.


      HON. TREASURER: whose duties shall be to receive all monies, to pay all bills

      and expenses, to keep a proper account thereof and prepare a properly audited

      statement which shall be submitted to the A.G.M. for acceptance.

      The Committee have power to appoint such other officers as they deem advisable,
      or to the benefit of the running of the society. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman,
      Secretaries and Treasurer, are ex-officio members of the Committee. Their term
      of office is three years, and they will be eligible for re-election immediately. One
      to be elected each year at the A.G.M. in the foregoing order. The President is
      also entitled to attend Committee meetings, but not to vote.


    10.  THE COMMITTEE shall consist of the ex-officio members and a minimum of  9 others, whose term of office               is three years, and they will be eligible for re-election immediately. One third of the committee members will               be elected each year. The committee shall exercise its powers of discretion to re-schedule the re-election of               committee members in the case of a number of committee members joining simultaneously and, therefore,               becoming eligible for re-election together. Nominations for committee members with a proposer and seconder               must be sent in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the time of the AGM. The committee is               responsible for the running of the Society, and their decision on all matters is final and binding  on all                 members. All  matters before the Committee will be decided by a simple majority of the committee members               present. The Chairman, will at all meetings have a casting vote in addition to his vote as member of the               committee. A member of the committee will lose his seat thereon if he does not attend a  meeting or take an               active part in the running of the Society, for one year. In this event, or the resignation or death of  any                committee member, the committee shall appoint another member to take his place until the next AGM.

11. QUORUM. Five members or any other appropriate number of the Committee, together with the Chairman and Secretary, will form a quorum, and no business can be transacted unless such a quorum is present.

12. POWER TO CO-OPT. The Committee for the purpose of the work of the Society may appoint sub-committees and have power to co-opt persons, whether members or not, providing that this is a majority decision.

13. FINANCIAL YEAR of the Society is April 1st to March 31st.

14. BYE-LAWS, The Committee has the power to make and enforce such bye-laws as they deem fit and proper for the regulation and efficient running of the Society, or to cover any special activities of the Society, providing that the bye-laws do not overrule any of these rules, the bye-laws are binding on all members.