This small plastic yellow feeder is marked Hartz Mountain Bird Foods on the top 2" long Pewter Drinking Bowls They are red-orange & Green old Plastic and marked "Hendryx" across the front. On the back it says Pat. Pend.
There are two small feeders - white plastic that measure approx. 2&1/4" long x 5/8" across and 1/2" deep. They both read: "Mrs. Halfins Bird Foods" There are also three larger clear plastic feeders (could use a good cleaning) that measure approx. 3" across (back panel) 2&1/4" tall and the feed box portion measures approx. 1&1/8" deep. The bottoms of all three read: "HENDRYX - Made in U.S.A." Lastly, is a Water Fountain and Feeder. The Original Box has one end flap missing. The box reads: "UNIVERSAL Water Fountain And Feeder" Also reads: "Exclusive, self adjusting no-rust clip, Visible seed or water supply, Holds 5 to 7 day supply, Patented automatic seed cup adjustment, Exclusive sanitary cup fits all cages"