Three 1920s Glass Bird Cage Feeders. The three are all about the same size but with variations. The center one is marked USA   Glass Bottle Feeders from Belgium age not known   Beautiful 3" wide antique bird cage dish. Marked on bottom PAT. OCT 27. 1875. Will only fit cage bar spacing of 3/4" or greater.
vintage glass bird feeders. Two are similar. Not marked. Two others are marked, for one, USA and for other, Hendryx, USA.   Glass Drinker or feeder It's 4 1/4" tall.. It's embossed  PAT JAN 1 1878.   Dating from the 1920,onward this style of glass feeder / water bird cage cups were found on the finest Deco era birdcage. Universal in design and aplication,
American Four hand-blown glass bird cage water feeders. c. 1840.    The only marking is U.S.A.   2 early Tulip Glass feeders viewed from top & side
PICTORIALLY EMBOSSED, ON THE BACK IS EMBOSSED A LARGE BIRD, SURROUNDED WITH THE WORDS DON'T FORGET, TO FEED ME, ON THE FRONT SOME OF THE VERY THIN CIRCULAR OPENING HAS BEEN BROKEN OFF THERE A SMALL CRACK RUNNING FROM THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE MOUTH, PLUS A MINUTE SLIVER NICK TO ONE BASE ANGLE, THE TOP WHICH IS BURST TPO TYPE HAD A WONDERFUL OCTAGONAL SHAPE, DATE WISE, APPROX 1880,   an early free blown bird feeder or waterer. The color is outstanding and rather scarce. These were hung in the trees to attract song birds. The piece stands 5 3/4" tall and has an open pontil base. The feeder opening is all hand tooled and applied.   1882 glass birdcage feeder with pierced tin, stars, and circles. Marked J.M New York, patented 1882. Glass bowl has minor chip, you have to look for it, and the pierced tin top has lost its silver, otherwise in fine condition.3 3/4" high by 2 1/4" wide.
 EARLY 1950'S . THEY ARE MARKED "MADE IN U.S.A."   ANTIQUE HENDRYX- GLASS BIRD CAGE WATER HOLDER USA, 1950. 3 1/8" wings, 2 3/8" back of dis.   This pair of feeders are embossed on their rear top section with the words, A HACKER, LONDON  around 1900, these have burst type openings
This 3"x2.5" glass bird feeder or bird waterer is marked "Fount Cup" "O. L.& Co. New York" (not shown) as well as Pat. Oct 30 1877 and other patent dates.   AVIARY FEEDER It measures 7 1/2 inches high x 6 inches across   Victorian Triangle ShapeThese have an open ground top and the opening is also ground.  They are triangular shaped and four inches tall.
Vintage Glass Bird Cage attachments circe 1950.   Old, all glass hummingbird feeder, with original rubber cork. 6 1/2" High.   depression glass bird feeder in green glass is Vaseline glass, which glows strongly when held under a black light.  Uranium Oxide was a common source of yellow and green colorant from 1830's to 1940's when it was banned as a glass colorant because uranium was needed to make the Atom Bomb.  Both the U.S. and U.K. Governments restricted access to uranium for military reasons.
round glass measuring 2" across and 1-3/8" deep that set on the bottom of the cage also done in milk glass  

This vintage bird feeder measures 5 1/4" and was blown in an early automatic bottle machine circa 1930. Mint condition with original bakelite screw cap.



This vintage bird feeder measures 5 1/2" and was blown in an early automatic bottle machine circa 1930. Near mint condition with original rubber stopper and a tiny scratch or two. There is a small nibble out of trough edge that was probably done in manufacture grinding.


Clear glass feeder embossed to front as above and embossed to rear RD245288. 3" tall  Hyde's bird foods

  This is an early painted piece for the bird cage. It has some paint loss in places and a small chip out of the bottom of the base but still looks great   This lovely free blown bird feeder measures 7" tall and features a pontil scarred base. It has a applied ribbon of glass around the top
Victorian glass bird feeder and waterer Each piece has a scalloped rim and measures 2 3/4 inches long.   Caperns Drinkers 3" tall   This Type of Drinker is still used today but has been used since the 20s comes in 2 sizes stock cage size and smaller show cage size
Old English Drinker 3"tall   recently unearthed Victorian BIRD FEEDERS of superb, ornate design. They were actually dug from the same hole, so were probably still attached to the cage when thrown away They stand 4.8 inches tall and probably date c1880   1894 Hyde's clear glass bird feeder dating to 1894. The feeder is made from clear glass and is 3 inches tall. The rear of the feeder is embossed HYDE'S BIRD FOOD SPECIALTIES RD 245288. The registered number dates the feeder clearly to 1894. The circular opening is sheared. The feeder was made like this. This is an early attractive piece.
dating between 1890 & 1910. The feeder is made from clear glass and is 3 inches tall. There is a sunburst pattern to the rear of the feeder.   dating to the 1890s. The feeder is made from clear glass and is a little under 5 inches tall. There is a flower pattern on the rear of the feeder. The top is sheared as is the circular opening. The feeder was made like this.   dating between 1900 & 1920. The feeder is made from clear glass and is 3 inches tall. The rear of the feeder is ribbed. The circular opening is sheared. The feeder was made like this.
dating to the 1890s. The feeder is made from aqua glass and is a little under 4.5 inches tall. There is a sunburst pattern on the rear of the feeder. The top is sheared as is the circular opening. The feeder was made like this.   embossed with the Hendryx name.  That style came in clear glass and also in milk glass.  The opening is ground.  These feeders were very inexpensive when they were new.  My 1935 Hendryx Catalog lists the clear (crystal or flint glass) for seventy cents and the milk glass (opal) for seventy-five cents, PER DOZEN!!  Of course that was the price to the dealer, not to the public.  The milk glass ones must have been more popular even though they were more expensive, as the clear ones are much less common.   Blown in a mold with a delightful twisted knob applied on top, this item has a rough scarred pontil on the base. With the simple geometric lines on the sides, it is reminiscent of the blown three mold items of the mid 1800's. There are no mold marks remaining - likely fire polished out. The opening on the side is rough ground. This is in very clear flint glass. This piece is 4.5" tall.
must have had a clip or something. The opening is ground or polished on the edge. There is a horizontal ribbed pattern with a vertical bulge in the center. Nice quality glass with lots of "glint." This is turning purple from age and the second picture is more accurate.   The feeder is not marked as to manufacture and I don't know a thing about its age or origin.a wonderful clear glass top, rounded on one side, flat on the other, which fits into the threaded black plastic (could be bakelite but I am not positive) bottom which slides between the bars of a cage.
  clear glass bird feeder with a tint of lavendar. It measures 3 1/4" tall. Unmarked
Glass O.L. & Co. N.Y. clear class shell cup bird cage feeder. Ribbed design.   Marked Pierce Buffalo NY Pa'td May 14th 78   dug out of a privy or outhouse with bottles and household trash dating to the 1880s. I believe these to be bird feeders but I am not for sure. They are exactly the same and are 1 5/8 inches tall. They have flat backs as can be observed in the picture. They are embossed on the bottom JOHN MAXHEIMER.
1 Small bottle( has nice  twisted lines running over the bottle from top to toe) and 1 very strange halve round one. And one halve round open one.Belgium   very unique shape, kind'a like a fire hydrant   held up to the sun, covered my eye there the hole, to see if this is blue or purple, I saw NO light at all. This is the blackest glass I've ever seen. It measures 3" tall and 2" wide, markings I see is on the protruding part that hooks on the cage, and it reads in raised letters "Made in U.S.A".
2 old WRICO Advertising Glass Bird Cage Feeder & Waterers . The height is 3 inches x 2 inches wide.   from a 1840's-50's privy pit in Indiana. This pit was used no
later than the late 1850's.The home site dated to the early 1820's.that this is product of Sandwich glassworks of Boston, Ma. in operation as early as the
1820's.It was blown in a 3 piece mold, flint glass, fire polished, and has a pontil mark.dug up by Doug Smith
  Victorian ground glass bird cage waterer. Off color glass with swirl pattern. c. 1880s.5" tall and the base is 1 1/2" in diameter. The largest circular part with the swirl design is 3" in diameter
Super unusual bird cage feeder/waterer.  This one is embossed.  Front has eagle on top of American sheild.  Bottom reads, "PIERCE BUFFALO, N.Y. MAY 14, '78"    Don't know anything about this feeder   late 19th century (1880's) English glass bird feeder, pale aqua in color. It has an aperture to the front and a smaller hole in the top. It is embossed to the rear DON'T FORGET TO FEED ME, and has a picturial of a canary within the wording. There is a floral pattern around the body, as shown below.
This is a rare light yellow glass vintage bird cage feede