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In the early days of mining history Birds were used to check for gas every mine had canaries Brass Domed Hendryx Bird Cage with Unique Adjustable Floor Stand Cage is 17" tall by 13" wide stand can be adjusted up to 70" tall, about 17" wide
American cages c1900 - 1920

         American Cage c1875 - 1880              

Victorian Cage   

Maxwell Cage

Early Bird Drinkers and double ended trap cage

Antique miniature wooden bird cage with original porcelain water dish, measures 5.5"x7" and 6" high.
Measures approx. 14" wide , 13 ½" tall and 9 ½ deep wide. Cage is chrome with red bottom. On sides, cage have two fiberglass panel. On front, have one rectangular glass panel. On this panel, nice prints of birds. Marked, GenyKack? made in England. On back, doesn't have panel.

This is an old Hendryx bird cage measuring 19" high with the hanger and diameter of base is 13 1/2". Hendryx has been making cages in New Haven, Connecticut and are still in business. The cage is tin with brass plating and was once painted a light green. The top paint is original and the base and pull out tray has been repainted a gold paint. The door is signed Hendryx. The feeders are milk glass with an incised "Japan".

Here's a cute little bird cage made of tin and wire with a yellow and red paper advertising on one end that reads "Feed Daily 3Vees Bird Foods Undetermined Sex Canary".  There is some wear to the paper, as shown in the photo. The inside of the cage has a small glass water bottle attached to the side and a bird seed trough. One end slides open. It measures 7" long x 5" high x 4 1/2" wide.
Cage stands come in various shapes and sizes this one is a brass bird cage stand. The entirestand is all brass with the exception of the threaded rod running through the brass pole and the bottom is weighted with cast iron to make it sturdy. When polised all you will see is brass. I believe HENDRYX was the manufacturer of this particular stand" The bottom is marked F&H Chicago. I would date it around 1900. The size is 64 inches tall and will hold a cage 17 inches across by 20 inches tall. antique bird cages from Shandong Province Shandong Province is at the Northeastern part of China. It was for thousands of years a center of trade and learning

they was made 80 years ago from bamboo (zhu).


Antique BIRD CAGE w/ Indian Arrow Stand 1920s          

Beautiful Antique Bird cage with stand. Bird cage accessories included perch, ladder, + cups. Bird cage from around the 1940's but, stand I know to be much earlier around the 20's. Stand has Indian Arrow design....Height of bird cage measures approx. 5 1/2 ft. the measurements of the cage are 18 1/2" long X 13" high X 8 1/2" deep.

The above bird cage is 10 3/4" square and is 21" high HENDRYX Bird Cage of what i think is Brass... It has a heavy Patina which made me think it could be metal, however a magnet does not stick to any part of the cage so I have to assume its brass.. note the Hendryx on the Bottom... Note the Patent dates that are fastened to the cage... dates range from the first date of 1874 and the last date of 1881.. ceramic Yellow 3 VEES Treat Cup from the 1960s(plus another none decorated treat cup
bird cage is made by Reppco. Size of the base 9 1/2" X 9 1/2" Height approx. 15". color is yellow. Metal netting have a plastic coating Measures 17"L x 13"H x 10"D.Glass sides marked with the name Hendryx c1920-50 Elegant Victorian brass bird cage featuring lovely ruby glass panels with silver transfer parakeets on branches Height: 16 1/2". Length: 12". Width: 9".
  Qing Dy Porcelain bird cage pre 1900 Width:8 inches long:8 inches High:14 inches Weight:3 kg



Antique Wood Bird Cage
C1920 10"WIDE 15"TALL

6 sided. Oriental bird cage. Ivory perch. Wood, porcelain dishes, carved bone and mother of pearl accents.

French Folk Art, dating from the 1880/1920's years DECO vintage birdcage. It is absolutely incredible! It is a wire cage it what appears to be a celluloid base. It has a dark tan marbled look. There are swan accents on both sides. Decorative Bird Cage .  It dates around 1910 so is therefore Edwardian. The style and decoration is turn of the century.


Although this is not an old cage I just had to place it on the site Beautiful Hand Carved Ornate Mahogany Wood Bird Cage. Fashioned after the Taj Mahal, with four small towers, surrounding one large central tower that steeples at over 6' tall. It is 27 inches square with a working door on each side. The towers all have removable tops, held by handmade mahogany dowels (two missing dowels), and a pull-out drawer for ease of cleaning. The cage sits on a separate ornately-carved stand with four matching decorative legs. (See pictures below) It is an exquisite piece of furniture for any home. Use it for a real feathered friend or for a bird that just looks like its real. Bought new - never been used for a live bird. Original value $3200.
Old Box Cage15 1/2" long, 11 3/4" tall and 6 1/4" deep Old cage measuring 6"wide by 5"deep by 9"tall vintage bird cage, complete with 2 glass feeders, a high swinging perch and a feeding perch. This is a wire cage, with spring-swing door, and a hanging loop on the top of the cage The cage is 18 inches tall, 17 inches across and measures 49 1/2 inches around.
Antique Hendryx brass bird cage w/milk glass feeders etc.Self standing table top model w/pedestal or it can be hung from a stand or chain anywhere, Marked hendryx reg.pat.off-made in usa-new haven conn.Measures 15 inches high by 12 1/2 inches wide. Antique bird cage from Austria with exceptional hand carved detail. Superb mid to late Victorian Roller Canary cage in German Black Forest style measures nineteen inches wide by twelve inches high and eight inches deep. Deeply incised wood carving is crisp and realistic. Decorative designs such as snakes , swirls and ornate patterns abound on this Tuetontic treasure. Cleverly designed rotating feeder / water round revolving doors are intricately carved and function smoothly.. Slide out tray for cleaning is well hidden by more carving antique bird cage made of wire and wood.this measures 24" tall and is 11" in diameter on the bottom.there are two bent wood pieces in the center and on the base,then wire is attached through the wood.old white paint on the wire part and a wood finial on the top,and a all wooden bottom.a spring hinged door.
Fabulous Antique Arts Crafts Ornate Carved Wood Birdcage / Bird Cage/ 2 story, with doors , stairs, windows, and tray, 2 porcelain feeders, one marked OL & Co NY 18x13x24" hgt, wgt 9 lbs,

Early Hendryx Copper Bird Cage A great looking early Hendryx Bird Cage made of copper. 1870's or so.  It measures 14" tall and has a ring on the top which flips upwards for hanging.  The bottom measures 11 3/8" across. The cage door is spring loaded.  The copeper plate on the door reads "Made in USA "HENDRYX" REG U.S. PAT. OFF. NEW HAVEN, CONN. "

1881 Hendryx Bird Cage made by Hendryx of Conn. It measures 12" by 9" by 12", the last patent date on the cage Dec. 20, '81, the original milk glass water container is dated Patent Oct., 27, 1875. It has the original marked dropping tray, the bottom is marked with the big "Hendryx" also, there are no holes in screen, the wires are all intact, it still has a lot of the gold wash on the brass
This is a wonderful antique Chinese cloisonné bird cage. It features all of the animals from the Chinese zodiac placed around the top. There is a small pedestal in the middle on which a bird may perch and two small feeder bowls attached to the side. The cage measures approximately 11.5" in diameter and 22" tall including the hook.

Unique and unusually styled, early Hendryx Bird cage. Filigreed brass top and trim with some verdigris, most original blue and white paint intact, except for tray. Wires are not brass and need cleaning. Measures approx. 8"w x 12"long x 13" high.

Beautiful Chinese Antique Hexagonal Rosewood Bird Cage


This bird cage was made ca-1920. It is a three tier cage. Stands 13" tall and the bottom diameter is 11". The bottom is detachable for cleaning with four swivel hooks with little knobs The brass label on the door is marked "Hendryx", "Made in the USA, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off New Haven, Conn."
1925 Vintage solid brass bird cage. cute size LIGHTHOUSE SHAPED BIRD CAGE APROX 3 FEET TALL, HAS A SMALL DOOR AT BOTTOM AND THE FLOOR OPENS FOR CLEANING OR INSERTING DECOR. probably reproduction but unusual theme
bird cage it measures about 19"x15".There is a little bit of screen damage but not bad. I was told it is very early and very rare. This has 3 metal or iron like oriental men holding the cage to the bottom tray. They are spring loaded and you just pull up and let down to take off the cage. The glass feeders are in good shape and the tray is nice.

antique hoop birdcage! It is all chrome. It stands about 5'6". It was made in the U.S.A. by, Hendryx. Overall, Ancient Chinese Red Copper bird cage if you like Chinese antique, . In Old China, such kind of design only can be used in the royal court. It is delicately made and in very good condition. . Size21.5*14.3*16.5.,Weight:2 Kg OLD WOOD BIRD CAGE. IT HAS A VERY NEAT TURNED WALNUT FINAL ON THE TOP AND IS COVERED BY BRIGHT RED CLOTH EDGED IN GOLD LACE. WOULD BE A GREAT DECORATIVE ITEM . HAS A BOTTOM DOOR

CANARY CAGE THAT HOUSED THE BIRDS THAT WERE USED TO DETECT DEADLY METHANE GASES IN THE COAL MINES. THE JOINTS ARE USUALLY BUTTED AND NAILED. THE BARS (DOWELS) ARE SLIGHTLY THICKER AND IT HAS ADDITIONAL STIFFENERS. INCLUDES A WOOD FEED TROUGH, TWO ADJUSTABLE PERCHES AND A PORCELAIN WATER CUP. also used for singing canaries made in the art deco style and has very different shape. It is 15-1/2" tall and 12" wide by 8-1/2" deep. It has, what I believe are, the original perches and swing. It bears the original Hendryx metal label on the door. It is missing the feeders.  Hendryx mushroom top bird cage. It includes 3 wooden perches that are on spring style metal fasteners. Two of them are short and are positioned in front of the feeders, one is long and is in the center of the cage.12" across at the bottom and 13"H. The bottom is easily removed with 3 small latches. It also has a 17" chain on top for hanging.
During the periods ( AD 1736 - 1795 ), the economy of the Qing Dynasty developed very fast and the political situation was stable. Subsequently many of the Chinese mandarins and the wealthy that were interested in pets ( influenced by the Western ) emerged. They raised rare birds to mark their status symbol among the elite. This example of our collections is one of their kind. Hendryx brass bird cage, stand, and accessories. In mission/arts & crafts style, this bird cage dates back to about 1908. I've never seen one in such great condition with 2 of the original milk glass bird feeders, and stand. Missing is the bottom slide tray, used for cleaning. Measures 5' tall with stand. Cage measures 12 1/2" wide x 15" tall.

Victorian bird cage

Measures 17x17 sitting on this Victorian plant stand

antique Crown Bird Cage and stand have a 68 inch height. Cage itself 23 inches high, and 12 inches in diameter. Base of stand 12 inches diameter. Very sturdy. Green with brass philagree trim, this item in very good condition. There is some paint chipping (as seen in the pics) with light rust showing through (as well as a spot on original removable cage tray in bottom). Door in working condition, feeding trays with brass trim present, original top perch present, original brass hangar present and bracket for bottom perch in tact Carved Chinese Bird Cage It stands 11 1/2" high not including the handle hook. It measures 8 1/4" wide at the bottom. I believe it to be made out of teak wood. Its all shellaced. It has a what looks to be some sort of signature on the bottom that looks something like lNT. I dont' know if its Chinese or English letters EARLY CONE HENDRYX HANGING BIRD CAGE

Patent number 65976, re 16681. 3 feeder slots. Measures 23 inches tall with ring.  No bottom and slightly out of shape  Diameter at base rim is 11 inches.

Measures 16 1/2" at base,fans out to 18" at widest points,14" in height.Beautiful painted glass panels/panes front and back,glass panes on sides too. marked Genykage of England. DELIGHTFUL HAND MADE WOODEN BIRD CAGE, MADE IN THE FORM OF AN OLD STYLE HORSE DRAWN GYPSY CARAVAN. 47cm HIGH INCLUDING THE UNDERCARRIAGE WHICH IS EQUIPPED WITH FUNCTIONAL WHEELS, EVEN SUSPENSION. THE INNER BASE TRAY IS EASILY REMOVABLE.AGE UNKNOWN BUT INTERESTING wonderfully ornate vintage bird cage from Sri Lanka. Made of intricately cut wood and wire,the cage measures about 17" l. x 10 3/4" w. x 18" h.
50s birdcage with wonderful stylized design!

Antique birdcage of the finest quality. A rare parrot sized usable functional but so very decorative bird sanctuary . Owned by Frank Navin , Detroit Baseball empire magnate an antiquarian Arliss of his day. He ran this baseball empire from 1903 until his death in 1935. His wife the former nee Grace M. Shaw latter sold the cage. This cage comes with an original newspaper article from its first sale 41 years ago. This Victorian bird cage dates to the 1880s and is the most heavy, detailed and fancy, we here at , North Fork Pets And Antiques, have had the pleasure to present. It appears more beautiful and functional then any Hendryx , Art Cage company , Genykage or New York Cage company cages we are familiar with. German made, clearly marked, Made In Germany on clean out tray back                                                 North Fork Pets And Antiques

Marvelous wooden bird-cage.(1900c.)

In a very good condition.

The size is 28 inches high, 25 inches width and 14  inches depth.



Under the arm call bird cage from Hungary 1950s (pictures and info supplied by Otto Hermann), this cage was shaped to fit under your arm under your coat to hide it from the authorities, the call bird inside was used to attract birds down to the floor where the bird catcher would trap the birds using various methods the reason for hiding this cage was due to it being illegal in Hungary to catch wild birds, of course nowadays it is illegal in most countries to trap wild birds.