My Breeding Cages

The original shed, before the new extension, housed 61 canary type breeding cages that open up into doubles, trebles and quadruples, below these are 10 breeding cages. The reason I built this extension was to gain more space for myself, to add 32 extra cages when opened up making 16 larger breeding pens, to add a sink and also, to get more natural light. This project is only my way of breeding mules and hybrids, other people have their own ideas that work. This system suits me, and means that I have total control of everything that goes on during the breeding season, rather than outside aviaries that have lots of external problems i.e. weather, predators, vermin and constant repairing and painting of all aviaries. 
The picture above shows the old section of my bird room  

This new block will house 8 pairs of birds. The far left slides and far right slides will be removed leaving only the centre slide in position, but wire slides can be used during the breeding season to split off troublesome cocks.  The overall size of the blocks are 7ft 6ins high x 6ft wide x 18ins deep, there is a 2ins x 1/2ins planed batten fixed across the bottom of each cage to keep in the seed and floor covering, also a 2ins planed batten fixed across the top of the block to add extra support. This block was made in two halves, each half has 8 cages, 8 at the bottom and 8 on top, there is a 6inch gap from the floor this is covered with ply but can be easily removed for cleaning under cages, the cages are made with 3/8ins ply with 1/8ins ply on the back. The cages are painted with silk finish emulsion on the inside and black gloss on the outside. 

This picture above shows the new cages being built in the new extension also the Marley tiled floor described on previous page
The above picture shows the left hand side of the new extension, between the cages is my seat where I eventually hope to spend many hours enjoying my hard work. The above picture shows the right hand side of the new extension, the white cupboard on the right will house a sink, the extra windows in the left and right side of the shed now give lots more natural daylight.

Left hand side finally complete with muling pairs

Self green yellow cock Norwich

Right hand side finally complete with breeding pairs

Sink fitted just the tap to do

Shed completed in just under 3 weeks, time to give the birds time to settle before breeding season