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IT IS some years now since a book on British Hybrids has been written by an expert in this field and, in my opinion, the time is ripe for this new offering. As Features Editor of Cage & Aviary Birds I have been fortunate enough to get to know, and become friends with, the author’s of this book’s predecessors – Walter Lewis, Victor Carr, Peter Lander and Bob Partridge: every one of them a world expert. So it is fitting that this new book should have been written by Bernard Williams, a man who is just as well qualified as those already named.

In reading the text and studying the illustrations, in advance of publication, I have been most impressed. The text brings much of what has been written in the past up to date and the illustrations are unsurpassed in their quality and inventiveness. Until now Hybrids have never been viewed in this way.

It is not only the people who breed British birds and Hybrids who take an interest in our native birds. So it is not just these specialists who will gain from reading this book.

I recommend it to the breeders and keepers of all types of birds.

Roy Stringer






About Bernard Williams

Bernard’s fascination – no - obsession – with birds began in the 50s as a lad growing up in Staffordshire.

In 1986 Bernard  felt the time was right for a specialist Mule& Hybrid society in his part of the country, so he invited about 40 people to a meeting and formed the Staffordshire British Bird and Mule Club. which 20 yrs later holds shows of 700 British birds mules & Hybrids.

Bernard’s involvement with the National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition dates back to the late 60s when he was an exhibitor.  He became a trader selling a wide range of ceramic trophies." At one point I was supplying Trophies to 500 Cage Bird Societies around the world".




   “I’ve judged at most of the major shows on more than one occasion, and feel very honored to have  been asked to judge again at the National British Bird and Mule Club Show.” also in 2004 I was asked to join the committee.

I suppose I considered the ultimate advancement would be running the National Exhibition of Cage & Aviary Birds, But I never, ever dreamed I would end up doing just that. Being asked to be show manager of the National is a bit like being appointed manager of the England football team.  It’s the biggest honour ever bestowed on me.”

Bernard is still very active within the hobby being a Committee member of the British Bird Council, the National British Bird and Mule club and also Staffordshire British Bird and Mule Club also a life member of Staffordshire B.B & M.C. And still Judges events every year somewhere.




About this Book

This book has been written in hardback with over 113 colour pictures, it contains 160 pages covering all British birds and their hybrids, there are 9 different colour plates of hybrid family groups see examples opposite. 

Also included is an expectation chart explaining your chances of producing all hybrids and which birds give you the best chances of success.

The book has over 33,000 words explaining everything from Pairing, Feeding, Housing, General Management, Exhibition and many useful tips.

And travels back in time to tell you about some winning hybrids from yesteryear.

see the first  pictures of the Linnet x Crossbill, Crossbill x Bullfinch and Goldfinch x Crossbill in any UK book, lots of the bird photographs in this book were taken by Tony Tilford and the late Dennis Avon  the best UK photographers specialising in aviculture.




Excellent book, 17 Oct 2006
Reviewer: Bill Doherty (UK) - See all my reviews

Without doubt this is by far the best book on this subject I have read that has been published in the last 50 years. A book with everything for champion and novice alike, interesting text and 5 star quality photographs, a must for the book shelves of every breeder and keeper of British birds.


24th Oct By letter


Dear Bernard, Thank you for sending the book promptly, read it over the weekend and was very impressed.

Well put together, Excellent Photographs and a first class read.


Yours Andy Early


  17th Oct By Email

Hello Bernard,
I recently purchased a copy of your book from you for my father, which he loved! He found it to be very informative and one of a kind. We live in California, USA

Serko Soultanian



Cage & Aviary Birds October 12th 2006  issue

 by Roger Caton

Over the years there have been some excellent books published about British Birds, Mules and Hybrids by expert authors like Walter Lewis, Victor Carr, Peter Lander and Bob Partridge. The latest offering BRITISH BIRDS, MULES & HYBRIDS, written and self published by Bernard Williams is a worthy successor to their well-known publications. In this book, Bernard draws upon 40 years experience of breeding and showing British Birds and their Hybrids and as manager of the National Exhibition in its later years. He founded a very successful British Bird club in Staffordshire that still puts on large shows. Every potential cross of British birds is commented upon and rated for degree of difficulty. Some have never been achieved. Although he does refer to some crosses as easy, he makes the point that no hybrid breeding is easy when compared with breeding most other birds. He has arrived at his ratings based upon his own experience and how many times a particular hybrid has been seen on the show bench. This book, running to more than 33,000 words and 160 pages has been produced in hardback, is liberally illustrated with 113 colour photographs mostly taken by top bird photographers Tony Tilford and the late Denis Avon. This is the first time that pictures of the Linnet x Crossbill, Crossbill x Bullfinch and Goldfinch x Crossbill have appeared in any UK book, The nine colour plates that each show two British birds and the hybrid they produce (never shown in this way before) are very impressive.

Another new approach is the easily understood, quick reference double page expectations chart that explains your chances of producing all of the hybrids and which of the birds, and which combination of cock and hen, give you the best chances of success.

The subjects of pairing, feeding, housing, general management and exhibition are dealt with and there are many useful tips.

This book gives a new insight into breeding British bird hybrids and explains that luck has a part to play so even an inexperienced breeder can come up with a hybrid that champions have been trying to breed for years. Its a valuable addition to the list of birds books currently available and I recomend it.

Roger Caton



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 Above Aviary and inside his Birdroom Expectation Chart